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    LUCIA 60/1-70

    14,100.00฿ 12,690.00฿
    • Compact mono amplifier which offers 60 W for high impedance speakers on 70 V distribution lines
    • Comprehensive on-board DSP with loudspeaker processing and innovative features which enhance performance and simplifies system design and commissioning
    • Configuration software wizard for initial set-up and advanced editor for preset configuration (LUCIA connection via USB) available for Windows* and Mac*
    • Energy efficient with Energy Star* certification for supreme green credentials and exceptionally low lifetime running costs
    • Automatic Dynamic Loudness Contouring adapts to optimize performance at any output level
    • Comprehensive DSP features with per-channel presets for high-pass filter, parametric EQ, multi-band compressor and look-ahead limiter
    • Optimized presets available for a wide range of loudspeaker models for fast configuration
    • Enhanced Bass Profile for extended LF response with small loudspeakers
    • Proprietary Auto Load Sense automatically sets VPL (Voltage Peak Limiter) for optimum performance with any connected load
    • Efficient Class-D amplifier with low distortion and minimal heat dissipation
    • Compact form factor in a half-rack, 1U chassis with supplied bracket for discreet on-wall mounting
    • Configurable GPIO port for remote control (e.g. wall panel) for channel switching, level control and integration with paging systems
    • Comprehensive circuit protection for fail safe operation, including short circuit, thermal and under-voltage protection
    • Universal power supply supports 100
      – 240 V AC at 50 or 60 Hz
    • Intelligent fan control for silent operation at idle and at lower output levels
    • Front panel power and fault indication as well as per-channel signal LED and attenuation knob
    • Balanced high quality analog inputs and amplifier outputs on detachable screw terminals
    • Parallel analogue input on unbalanced RCA connectors with optimized gain for mobile and other unbalanced sources
    • Rackmount kit, pole-mount kit and wall panel kits available as accessories
    • 10-Year Warranty Program*
    • Designed and engineered in Sweden
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    ดิจิตอลโปรเซสเซอร์ LAB GRUPPEN LAKE LM44 DSP Controllers

    162,000.00฿ 145,800.00฿

    LAB GRUPPEN LM44 Digital Signal Processor 4-in/4-out

    อุปกรณ์ปรับแต่งสัญญาณเสียง LAKE LM44, 4-in/4-out Lake® Processor, 8-in/8-out Digital AES3 and Dante networked I/O, Mix-matrix and system EQ between FOH console and loudspeaker system, 96 kHz internal sampling frequency, 32-bit, Full control via Lake software

    The LAKE LM 44 provides a four input/four output analog configuration that is suited for a variety of system signal processing and routing applications. The LM 44 also provides 8 × 8 AES3 digital I/O and 4 × 8 Dante networked I/O, all with comprehensive signal routing to provide Dante break-in / break-out and failover functionality. Two LM 44 units may be stacked and linked to function seamlessly as a single 8 × 8 processor.

    LM 44 provides the ultimate combination of input/output signal flexibility and fail-safe operation. Audio inputs are accepted via the Dante network as well as on connectors for AES3 digital and analog. Simple programming in Lake Controller allows multiple, user-configured automatic switching scenarios.

    For example, signals may be distributed over the Dante network, with an AES3 input source failing over to analog – and with the result automatically cascading to all Dante receivers. In addition, the LM Series’ dual-redundant network topology enables seamless switching in case of a problem on one Ethernet link.

    LM 44 provides a total of eight input routers which can be independently configured with up to four input fail-over priority settings. And the output of any of these input routers can be patched directly to any analog, AES3 or Dante output – without using any of the valuable Module processing channels.


    • Mix-matrix and system EQ between FOH console and loudspeaker system
    • Line driver and system EQ for self-powered loudspeaker systems
    • Inserted EQ for monitor systems
    • Dante break-in/break-out
    • Transmission system to and from FOH and stage L /stage R
    • 4-in/4-out Lake® Processor
    • Raised Cosine Equalization™
    • Linear phase and classic crossovers
    • LimiterMax™ peak and RMS limiters
    • Maximum available delay of 2 seconds
    • Analog with Iso-Float™ ground isolation
    • 8-in/8-out Digital AES3 and Dante networked I/O
    • Gigabit Dual Redundant Dante™ by Audinate® audio networking
    • Daylight-readable display
    • Dedicated Module Input and Output LED Metering
    • Dedicated Module Input and Output mute buttons with LED
    • Dynamic buttons and rotary encoder for parameter adjustment
    • High quality A/D and D/A 24-bit conversion
    • 96 kHz internal sampling frequency
    • 32-bit floating point internal data path
    • Full control via Lake Controller software application
    • Software configurable GPIO
  • E 10:4 Amp 4x250W/8ohm –



  • E 12:2 AMP 2X600W/4OHM



  • E 2:2 AMP 2X100W/8OHM



  • E 4:2 AMP 2X200W/4OHM



  • E 5:4 AMP 4x125W/8OHM



  • E 8:2 AMP 2x400W/4OHM



  • FP 7000 AMP 2X3500W/2OHM SP 230V


  • IPD 1200


  • IPD 2400


  • IPD 4800


  • Amplifiers

    Lab Gruppen FP 14000 AMP






  • LM 44



  • LUCIA 120/1-70